Op-Ed: Matt Blackmon On Common Information Security Vulnerabilities In Travel Management

The Company Dime published an op-ed by Matt Blackmon, vice president of customer success for DataArt’s travel, transportation & hospitality practice, on the common security weaknesses and types of cyberattacks that TMCs should keep in mind as they ramp up after more than a year of meager demand. The piece covers ransomware, restricted access, password breaking, segregation, public Wi-Fi, browsers, SQL injection, overdue updates, and other areas prone to attack such as cloud technology. As Matt demonstrates, «prevention is always better, easier and cheaper than the cure.»

«As business travel recovers, corporations will allow employees back on planes and they will reach back to their trusted TMC partners for travel planning and process management. When they do, TMCs must be fully prepared.»

«The business travel management segment of the travel industry is particularly attractive to hackers because it deals with large volumes of traveler information, transaction details and payments.»

«Most cybersecurity incidents are avoidable. We strongly recommend a penetration test (a.k.a. pentest) performed by an independent, trusted security vendor at least every six months, or whenever a significant change is made to the company’s tech environment.»

«For those TMCs that have custom-developed applications in their portfolios, we recommend comprehensive education and adherence to the rules of secure coding by their dev teams, so important business assets are kept safe (including API documentation, code-signing assets and other related artifacts).»

Original article can be found here.

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