Once More Unto the Cloud, Dear Friends

By Anthony Malakian

Deputy Editor of Buy-Side Technology Anthony Malakian spoke with Alexei Miller of DataArt about Cloud technology at Waters USA Congress. In his article in Waters magazine, Malakian shares Miller's controversial yet refreshing view about the ubiquitous nature of the term and strategy. The view is also supported by JPMorgan Chase CTO and State Street CIO.

"At Monday's Waters USA conference I had an interesting conversation with DataArt's Alexei Miller. He says that for all the talk about cloud technology, most of it is spurious. I agree.
Everything gets called “cloud” these days, and as a result this homogenized definition has been bent to mean everything from virtualization to grid to platform-as-a-service. As State Street CIO Chris Perretta put it, "Every vendor that comes into our office just says, ‘Cloud!' If they sell you a flashlight, it's a cloud flashlight.""

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