Offshoring and QA

Software Test & Performance Magazine focuses its Best Practices column on "working with offshore teams to create the best software possible." DataArt is one of the companies asked to offer its "advice about how other companies can work efficiently with teams from afar, and to create software that exceeds quality expectations".

The story stresses the importance of building communication skills, integrating cultures and evolving testing responsibilities. Alexei Miller, DataArt's EVP of Project Management, says that "each project at DataArt has a separate communications plan which is created based on specific situation: 'available client resources, rime difference, type of project.' In some joint-development projects, DataArt has found, daily conference calls are a must; for others, in which responsibilities are better separated, biweekly conference calls can suffice". Miller also advises on software testing, suggesting that "test automation based on formal specifications, and stress and volume testing, are good candidates to be done offshore. A Web-based bug-tracking tool must be in place for the client to keep a close eye on the QA process, and formal acceptance metrics are helpful to ensure that the end result meets quality standards".

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