New Technologies that Disrupt the 'Norm' Foster Innovation

By Suzy Barile

Suzy Barile of Triangle Business Journal traces the progress of disruptive technologies from 1864 to the current times. While "disruptive" in the music industry, "in the software development business, disruptive technology comes in the guise of offshore outsourcing. And that suits the business model of DataArt - an offshore software outsourcing company serving small to mid-sized clients in the United States and Europe - just fine," states the article. The story quotes the company President Eugene Goland, "While outsourcing has always been a part of everyday life for every organization, it is only now that businesses have access to (a) multitude of vendors around the globe and are no longer limited to choices of their geographical neighbors and local pricing". The article outlines DataArt as a successful example of an innovative global operation: the company "has offices spread around the world: its New York headquarters staff handles sales and client communications, while development takes place in St. Petersburg, Russia, and project management is directed from regional offices in Chapel Hill, Jacksonville, Fla., San Francisco, and London".

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