Neural Networks Are Still Black Boxes

Medizin und elektronik interviewed Anton Dolgikh, Head of AI in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, who clarified the meaning of the term "AI" as it’s used in the healthcare context.

“The term 'AI' has a long history and was first used to describe a computer system that possesses the intelligence of a human. Today, we also use the term 'AI' to describe systems that can diagnose diseases in the same way that people do. However, more often this term refers to computer systems that not only can diagnose diseases but also perform a much wider range of tasks. For example, a model that predicts a patient's stay in a hospital will also be called 'AI.' Or if someone was to write an article about a model that evaluates the depth of anesthesia according to an encephalogram, it is likely that the title of the article would read 'AI-based.' AI is an umbrella term that covers such areas as machine learning, computer vision, decision theory, and robotics. It means that it is correct to call a system that can detect pneumonia on an X-ray an 'AI system.'”

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