Mobile CRM's Lofty and Contagious Expectations

by Erika Morphy

CRM Buyer magazine discusses how mobile experience has changed consumer expectations of their business IT systems, extensively quoting Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President at DataArt.

"Plain and simple, users now expect software that loads up instantly, looks beautiful, remembers who they are when they switch between programs, upgrades itself in seconds and so on," Alexei Miller, executive vice president at DataArt, told CRM Buyer. "Then they go to the office to find clunky, slow and often ugly business systems."

It's not only the software that needs to change, but also the IT department, according to Miller.

"In the past, users would request a change and IT would say 'thanks, we will put it in the queue to be included in next year's release if budgets allow -- and after we weigh all considerations for our thousands of users,' he said. "To which the user can now respond, 'how come Facebook can upgrade their app every couple weeks and roll it out to a billion users?'"

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