Millennials: What can the Healthcare System Learn from Millennials?

By Dan Piekarz, VP of Business Development, Life Sciences at DataArt

In a bylined article for HealthIT and mHealth Dan Piekarz looks at the traits of Millennials who are about to become the largest generation of Americans and a primary economic force. Yet to win their hearts, the healthcare industry must change its ways.

“Millennials expect technology to work, be simple, connected, mobile and extensive in its feature set, a complete system. The ideal patient engagement system would follow this prescription: A mobile platform that provides patients with the ability to manage their medical records, prescriptions and doctor visits, make payments, message their doctor, and of course have virtual doctor visits... Millennials are a social juggernaut with technological powers like the world has never seen. Within seconds of bad services, they will immortalize it across social media.”

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