Managing the Machines

European Supermarket Magazine features commentary from Denis Baranov, Senior Solution Architect at DataArt, on implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning in grocery retailers’ key operations such as stock management and customer data analytics for personalized offerings.

“The idea is simple, yet groundbreaking: consumers come into the store, pick what they want from the shelves, and leave. That’s it. No cashiers, no queues, and no waiting," says Baranov. This innovation, he argues, is providing an amazing customer experience and huge savings, representing a significant opportunity for retailers. “From a technology perspective, this mix of artificial intelligence and machine-learning represents a best practice for adapting new technology to the real world and using it to develop solutions that create real benefit for businesses and consumers.”

"I am always amazed by how much information AI can get from an Instagram photo or Facebook post," says DataArt’s Baranov. In retail, AI will be increasingly used in planning, from both supply-chain and customer perspectives. Baranov says, "Through analysis of customer behaviour, market trends and the like, retailers will be utilising artificial intelligence for things like enhanced product selection, gift suggestions and targeted offers." We can also expect an increasing blurring of boundaries over the next few years. "AI is already part of our lives, with Siri on our phones, Alexa in our homes. In only a few short years, more and more AIs will surround us," says Baranov. "These will give consumers increased personalisation of products. This is a key trend in retail – building an AI that knows your preferences better than you know them yourself.”

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