Managing Technology… When You are Not a Technologist

Alexei Miller, Managing Director of DataArt, contributes an article to AMBITION Magazine, where he discusses common difficulties experienced by business people when managing technology projects, and offers ways to solve them.

“Faced with the need to run a tech project without a computing degree, executives either retreat to ‘all I care about is date and cost’ or micro-manage, second guessing every decision.

But finding the middle ground is easier than it seems.

First, managers need to remember the laws of common sense apply…Most sound technical decisions are actually made for understandable reasons: to make things faster, prettier, more secure, more compliant or more supportive of change.

Second, successful non-technical leaders learn to look at change as an opportunity, not a frustration.

Third, business people should get rid of the habit of asking technologists about cost... Instead, business should simply tell IT what ‘it’ should cost, and provide technologists with the autonomy to do the best job for the business within set constraints.

Finally, acquiring technical skills is easier than ever. One can learn the basics of app development in weeks in specialized classes… Do yourself a favour, spend a few days learning and discover that, all of a sudden, it becomes easier to talk to – and to understand – the techies.”

View original article here.

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