Make Tech Not War: How Technology Will Be the End of Nation States

By Dmitry Bagrov

HuffPost Tech UK features Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, as he contemplates Brexit, noting that technology-driven global integration of people and businesses will transcend geographical borders and neutralize political divides.

“While it may seem like Brexit is going to tear us apart from Europe and the world, with technology now driving humanity towards more integration this could not be further from the truth.

Companies, organisations and even people are being empowered by technology to transcend states and regional groups like the EU. Whereas in the past nations and international organisations provided the platform for business, today technology is the platform. Operating globally companies have no need for a ‘home nation.’ They can interact and conduct work with anyone, anywhere, instantaneously.

…The end of the UK’s membership of the EU could be seen as the beginning of the end. Or as the start of a new world order where war and division are replaced by technology, peace and a global community. Bound together not by political ideology but by practicalities. I want to believe in this.”

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