Machine Learning Models for Mere Mortals

In Digitale Welt Magazine, Rafael Zubairov, Senior Architect at DataArt, outlines approaches for using machine learning tools without dedicated software engineers or data science experts, and reviews the tools that make it possible.

"Choosing the right software tool is important. Besides flexibility, and intuitive, attractive user interface (UI), factors to consider are the availability of on-premises installation option, capability to run agile data science and share results within the team."

"Creating machine learning and data science models in most of the tools is fairly simple. For example, H2O provides an interactive workbook with explanations of each model, ad-hoc suggestions and thorough documentation. Each step of data processing and modelling is represented as a step. RapidMiner on the other hand allows one to create a data flow graph where steps like data processing and model calculation are represented as boxes with configurable properties relative to the action."

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