M2M Made Simple

Connected World magazine discusses the future of M2M (Machine to Machine) solutions, citing DeviceHive, a non-proprietary, open-sourced M2M platform developed by DataArt, as “the good news” for those who want to focus on functionality of their systems and leave behind the burden of developing messaging protocol and communication libraries.

“Just this month, custom software development company DataArt introduced DeviceHive, a non-proprietary, open-sourced M2M platform.

With open-source libraries and cloud-based API (application programming interface), management portal and set of components, the self-contained framework is designed to enable remote management of any device, regardless of the network topology. According to DataArt, this eliminates the time-consuming burden of developing messaging protocol and communication libraries, simplifying development and allowing companies to focus more on the functionality of their systems. Or as Artyom Astafurov, chief innovation officer, says, it makes building an M2M solution an “enjoyable experience.”

Once all the components of DeviceHive are deployed, the framework allows queuing and delivering of commands between devices and client applications, with a ready-made and customizable API. This gives innovators the ability — and the time — to let their imaginations run wild, whether they want an iPhone app to talk to a smart energy thermostat over a ZigBee gateway connected to the cloud, or a fleet tracking device connected via a 3G network talking to Google Maps. Potential applications are virtually endless, ranging from security, clean tech, and smart homes to remote sensors, telemetry, and automation.”

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