Learning the Lessons of the Future: The Asimov Psychohistory Recipe Applied to Big Data

By Dmitry Bagrov

In his second contribution to The Huffpost Tech UK, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, looks at the potential of big data to predict the future and, more importantly, to change it. Real insights that can impact today’s decisions are to come from sharing the underlying assumptions, data and reasoning.​

“Back here on Planet Earth, Big Data and its potential to use historic data sets to predict the future is shaping up to be the story of the century. Organisations from rating agencies and investment funds to governments and meteorological centres to space agencies, health providers and employment agencies are gearing up to get a better picture of what's happening and to foresee the future based on analysing past data.

But it is what lays behind the headline predictions that will actually have an impact on what we should do today… it's through sharing the assumptions made and even the theories that are considered unlikely, and the end results themselves, that Big Data predictions can have a real-world-use case.​

In Foundation the information used was galactic. On Earth we may not be dealing with anything as large as the future of the galaxy but Big Data, applied usefully, can help shape our present and have a real impact on shaping the future. But only if we move away from hoarding data for ourselves and let the world use it. Simply put, if we can predict the future, we can help change it.”

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