Learning from Your Customers: Smart Machines Have Arrived

DataArt has collaborated with Phocuswright on a new research report that evaluates practical use of machine-learning techniques for travel applications, separating the hype from the true potential of this emerging technology and identifying the ways of how and when Machine Learning could be applied.

The new report, “Learning from Your Customers: Smart Machines Have Arrived,” will help the travel industry understand how to capitalize on the opportunities that Machine Learning can bring.

Greg Abbott, Senior Vice President, Travel & Hospitality: “The travel and tourism sector is at the threshold of the big changes. New technologies of processing and storing huge amount of data give an opportunity to expand our abilities in providing the best services. Machine learning is in its infancy – in travel, it’s basically used at specific stages of the booking funnel, customer service requests. But over the next few years, we may move to more complicated solutions, where an intelligent assistant brings travel options to the user based on a deep knowledge of their preferences combined with a deep understanding of travel options.”

View original report here.

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