Lack of data sharing between firms is holding back development in online travel

Travolution addresses the issue of big companies wanting to ‘own the customer’ and thus standing in the way of the sharing of travel customer data, citing the discussion at the third annual DataArt Question Time event in London.

“This problem is holding back development, agreed panelists discussing the Internet of Things (IoT) at the third DataArt Question Time event in London this week. Dissemination of the IoT in many parts of the travel industry depends a great deal on the ability of organizations and consumers to share data, the event was told. Greg Abbott, senior vice president of travel and hospitality at DataArt, added: “OTAs do not pass on any passenger specific data down to the supplier. All the supplier knows is their name and check-in date. We are seeing the emergence of some companies that are going between OTAs and suppliers to broker the check-in experience, so I think it’s coming, but not yet.”

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