Juju Adds Flexibility to NFV Telco Bundle

By Alison Diana

The New IP Agency speaks with Michael Lazar, Vice president of Telecom at DataArt, about DataArt’s new partnership with Canonical in expanding Juju's reach into telecom virtualization.

“The technology consulting and software services firm [DataArt] is creating an NFV Telco bundle by providing charms for the Juju Charms ecosystem, allowing customers to thereby scale infrastructure horizontally and vertically.

‘The telecoms want new services quickly and if you look at the enterprise software companies out there, they have gotten down delivery cycles. And there's a lot of learnings they've gone through over the last 15 years,’ says Michael Lazar, vice president of Telecom at DataArt, in an interview. ‘Virtualization is old news and not very interesting in enterprises; been there, done that. Cloudification is something they have experience with. For the telecoms, this is a lot of new ground. Open source -- being able to not have a single vendor stack and being able to have multiple components, you know getting the best piece of software or best technical solution that fits the business problem they're having -- this, for them, is still new especially in the framework of how they have to interoperate from telco to telco, how they have to be reliable, how they have to be scalable.’”

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