Is Virtual Reality the Ultimate Sword of Damocles?

By Dmitry Bagrov

Huffpost Tech UK welcomes Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, as a regular contributor to its blog. The first article looks into virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies as they make their way into all aspects of our lives, from sex and love, to education, work and family life.

β€œIn today's world Oculus Rift, Facebook's VR headset, has began to ship. I've tried it and it was beyond imagination. Put simply, virtual reality creates a complete, immersive environment, real or imagined. Augmented reality gives an enhanced or altered view of surroundings, providing data, sound and visuals on top of the real world which the user can interact with and manipulate. So Oculus Rift is VR, Microsoft Hololens and the officially still alive Google Glass are AR.​

Information won't change, just its presentation. With VR, school children will soon be able to take a tour of the solar system, viewing in detail the different planets, one minute on Mars, the next on Venus.

Virtual reality is just the next step in raising up human endeavour. With any new technology there is always an impulse to claim that it will make our lives worse. But the reality is that VR will ultimately improve the world and the sword will fall only on the mundane, the inadequate, and the redundant parts of our world.”

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