Is More Technology Always Healthy?

By Dmitry Bagrov

In his regular contribution to Huffpost Tech UK, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, shares his observations on the proliferation of technologies and how their use is often misguided, especially in healthcare.

“It is shocking how little of the technology in healthcare is connected, how little collaboration there is in health tech. …From one hospital to another or one department to another no one could quickly and easily access data stored elsewhere. This type of situation is replicated across diverse sectors. Generally the way things are still done is to take a piecemeal approach to the application of new technology. We identify a problem and then create a piece of technology to solve it. While superficially this seems like the best course of action, all too often new technology is put in place without thinking about how it fits into the wider ecosystem or if a new piece of tech actually is the right solution.

There is no point having the latest in monitoring or diagnoses technology if all it achieves is forcing doctors to repeat tasks. In many cases better application, through an integrated technological ecosystem, can provide better results than a new bit of technology.”

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