IoT Smart Fridge Revolutionising Vaccine Care

By Nicholas Fearn

Roman Chernyshev, SVP in the Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt, comments for Internet of Business on the IoT - driven advancements in healthcare that will change the way diseases are diagnosed and treated.

“Developments in IoT and big data are allowing healthcare to be administered more remotely. It is only a matter of time before technological developments of IoT and implants will allow various medical devices to continuously collect vital data from millions of patients around the world in real-time and simultaneously compare them.

These developments will radically change how diseases are diagnosed. Medical conditions will be predicted as a result of big data and constant monitoring of health information using IoT platforms.

Technological advancements will result in healthcare being everywhere, although it will be almost invisible. One IoT device that is currently being developed will soon be used to autonomously treat metabolic diseases such as diabetes. An implant will constantly collect and analyze blood data from diabetes sufferers and independently inject insulin without the need for human interaction or prompting.”

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