IoT Design and Development

By Brian Albright

Desktop Engineering discusses the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT), one of the most pervasive tech topics in 2014, as more companies introduced smart, connected products, including smart cars, home appliances, and medical devices. Gartner expects roughly 26 billion “things” on the network by 2020), and the impact on product design will be widespread. Ilya Kretov of DataArt offers his commentary.

“IoT solutions development has affected software and hardware development by simplifying the development process itself, lowering barriers to entry and increasing efficiency. According to Ilya Kretov, senior technology advisor at DataArt UK, in every IoT system, there is a point where hardware and software converge, blending design team responsibilities. IoT development platforms help speed development time and save costs by making it easier to extract value from the object data that is being generated. “These systems are rather complex, so there are technical challenges in every part of the system,” Kretov says. “That is especially true in the connection points between the systems.”

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