Inspirational Woman: Charlotte Lamp Davies | Vice President, Travel & Hospitality, DataArt

Charlotte Lamp Davies, VP of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt, speaks about the challenges and opportunities of her career journey with London's popular professional women's portal We Are The City.

“I’m originally an opera singer by trade but left this path behind for the bright lights of London… I had never considered going into consultancy or software technology but it has been the most amazing experience for me. I have had to often fight, though luckily not so much anymore, for equal pay to men in parallel positions.

I work with some immensely talented colleagues, each of whom brings something different to the table. My colleagues inspire and drive me to do better. With their skill sets in engineering, software development and technology, so different from mine, we all compliment each other and push each other to create a unique partnership. I think this is what attracts clients most to us. Our teams work as one to deliver on projects, but each presents something distinct to each client as an individual. This adds real value and drives us all forward.”

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