Inflection Points

Adamalthus, a well-respected industry blog on technology, policy and economics, writes on the impact of these issues on a technology executive, and how DataArt has contributed to the future of enterprise computing.

“We sit at the inflection point between two eras of computing: The distributed machine and application focused model of today and the data driven composable service model of the ‘Metaform’ that is now emerging. The profound implications of this technical inflection have created a personal and professional inflection point. It’s time to embark on a new journey…

Over the last three years — working at Warner Music Group — I put together and then benefited from working with a very talented team of leaders, software engineers, user experience designers and process and product managers. This team — along with our rocket scientist development partners DataArt — took a blank sheet of paper, a few ideas about a ‘Composable Enterprise’ and in a very short time birthed a revolutionary, open source, infrastructure agnostic, application and service platform that today runs important production workloads for the company. The combination of composable development model, aggressively agile processes and a purpose built software factory platform has already delivered substantial and quantifiable improvements in ‘Time-to-Value.’

… Recognizing the Metaform inflection point reinforced my view that the model we built at Warner Music and the set of ideas embodied in the ‘Composable Enterprise’ are likely to become mainstream. As that happens we will witness a generational shift in the enterprise computing landscape and with that, growing demand for the platforms, tooling and processes that enable that change.”

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