In the Green Room at Phocuswright with... Greg Abbott

As part of a series of interviews with executives participating at Phocuswright Conference in November 2019, PhocusWire speaks with Greg Abbott about the trends in the travel industry and his professional and personal interests.

«What travel trend are you watching closely right now and why?»

«From a technical perspective: Digital trends tied to Data volume and utilization. Digital’s impact is incredibly profound and will continue to shake our industry’s foundations, creating opportunity (and challenges) for organizations operationally, technically and culturally.»

«From a passion/personal perspective: responsible travel/overtourism. The impact/outcome is in the hands of those of us influencing and leading the future of our wonderful industry.»

«Travel Trend: Google. As predicted, every move Google makes (in travel) reverberates throughout our ecosystem.»

«„What element in the industry do you consider is still the most difficult to measure?.“

UX. Sure, today we can track click behavior, and have been using eye tracking on page views for a few years now. That said, at present, few dimensions beyond these are truly measurable or used to enhance products and services. I expect this to radically change as we see the industry adopt more towards retailing. Think of the massive and yet untapped amount of behavioral information which can translate to a better, more intuitive User Experience (powered by AI) as we continue to study and understand our users.»

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