In Tech, The Answer To Life, The Universe And Everything Is Not 42 - It’s Integration

By Dmitry Bagrov

In his new installment for HuffPost Tech UK, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, suggests that the tech world should embrace integration rather than continue to focus on innovation.

“The simple truth is that the days when someone could create a new piece of technology and set the world alight overnight are over. As technology worms its way ever deeper into the inner workings of devices and systems, any innovation has to be able to seamlessly become part of this.

It may not be as fun, or set the pulse racing as fast but the real challenge today is not creating the new but bringing the existing together…The problems faced today by business and societies are mostly not solvable by something new and shiny.

As society more and more, is formed of a composite of interconnected individuals, brought together by collaboration rather than formal structures, technology is increasingly reflecting this. …For tech and tech firms, integrate or fail is the new adapt or die.”

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