Implementing the Engineering Vendor Partnership Model

By Dmitry Stillermann

Dmitry Stillermann, Vice President of Capital Markets at DataArt, shares his thoughts on engineering vendor management with Nearshore Americas. In Part 1 of his article, he highlights best practices in establishing an effective partnership model: setting up a governance framework, introducing shared responsibilities in resource management, managing dependencies without lock-ins, tracking progress, and measuring success.

“To sustain any but the most trivial vendor engagement, you need to put a robust governance framework in place. This usually boils down to a proper distribution of roles and responsibilities and properly planned and executed communications between those who fill those roles… At DataArt, we find the following organizational structure to be the most effective: Executive Sponsor, Engagement Owner, Delivery Manager, Project & Program Managers. Once the foundation of the relationship has been set, it is important to engage in ongoing relationship management with the engineering vendor.”

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