How to Choose a Technology Partner

DataArt uploads an interview with Robert Leibholz, its Chief Business Development Officer, where he discusses the criteria for selecting the right technology partner. Robert also reflects on DataArt’s image among clients and his experience of working with the company as a partner and an employee.

“When assessing for the right technology partner, there are really five criteria that one should focus on. The three obvious ones are skill, capacity, and size. Does the company that you are engaging with have the necessary skills to successfully complete your project? … Does the vendor have additional capacity to be able to immediately staff your project? … You need a company that has the size and corpus to be able to have the skill set, have the fundamental underpinnings like a training program, have been in the business for no less than a decade, preferably more.”

“Two intangible criteria that are probably more important. One is the ability to learn because, let’s be realistic, no two companies are the same. So you need to work with a company that has demonstrated a success record of not only having industry expertise but being able to adapt that to the specifics of your company.”

“DataArt has always been known for top-notch development expertise and ability to get things done on time, on budget, and the most important part is in a way that doesn’t require software development support after things are released.”

“From my perspective, you always want to work with a company where you can wake up every morning and feel very comfortable that the services that you are selling are best in class.”

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