How Technology is Being Used to Aid GDPR Compliance

Verdict shares expert views on different approaches to GDPR compliance, quoting Toby Bryans, Principal Consultant at DataArt, who believes that company culture and business processes, not technology, play a key role in meeting the new data security standards.

"While technology may provide a solution for managing data under the yoke of GDPR, for some it shouldn’t be considered a silver bullet. Toby Bryans, Principal Consultant, Finance Practice at global technology consultancy DataArt says that company culture and business processes are more important for GDPR compliance."

"Get those right by understanding how you use data and ensuring your business and staff prioritise data privacy,’ he said. ‘Anyone who is selling a system that claims to solve all your GDPR woes is lying. In data protection generally, good IT only helps once you have a good culture and business processes. Without those you will always be in trouble."

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