How Can Media and Brands Make Money with the Apple Watch?

DataArt offers commentary on the recently released Apple Watch, offering some controversy to the discussion.

"The Apple Watch: we’ve all seen it and read about it. Some of us may have friends who already own one because they just HAVE to be the coolest kid on the block. The main question, though: beyond people timing their runs and getting push notifications about upcoming meetings, what can the Apple Watch do for us as consumers? How can brands, influencers, and media outlets use it to make money?!

We spoke to three experts from the publishing, marketing, and tech design fields for their takes.

"Denis Margolin, VP of mobile solutions for tech consulting firm DataArt, thinks we may be getting ahead of ourselves here:

“Wearables are not meant to be general purpose devices. They are not supposed to be intrusive and occupy a lot of our attention. Speaking about smart watch specifically, apps and content that demand a user to pay too much attention to their watch simply won’t work. To be effective, content providers must present only essential information, quickly and timely.”

It sounds like the Apple Watch will be a facilitator of campaigns tailored to other devices rather than a destination itself."

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