How Can Insurance Companies Benefit from Remote Workforces?

In InsurTech Insights, DataArt’s experts, Denis Baranov and Peter Rakowsky, discuss how insurance companies can benefit from outsourcing.

«High demand for qualified technical personnel, especially with domain knowledge, naturally complicates the hiring process for insurance companies. The costs of acquiring and onboarding in-house employees are relatively high. Outsourcing, however, is one viable option to save costs

Denis Baranov, Principal Consultant at DataArt, comments on the benefits of remote workforces:

«At DataArt, we’ve operated in a mostly distributed culture from the very beginning. We understand how tricky and fourth-rate it can be. However, we have passed this way many times with our clients, and know the tricks of the trade.

Even if you do have one team member working remotely, this indicates that the whole team is already distributed. This means, in the initial stages of remote work set-up, some extra efforts are required to organize means of communication, schedule regular calls, and plan feedback sessions. However, setting this framework up is a one-time task: you do it once, and it works for years. It is, in fact, another way to optimize corporate spending.»

DataArt InsurTech expert, Peter Rakowsky explains:

«Finding a developer to work on a software project is the easy part. Finding a developer who knows the insurance industry is tricky. This is where DataArt excels, as many of our engineers have worked on projects within insurance.»

Original article can be found here.

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