How 26 Billion “Internet of Things” Devices Will Impact The Hotel Industry

By David Tossell, Vice President, DataArt

David Tossell continues his series of articles on the current trends in the travel & hospitality sector, and turns to the impact of IoT on the industry.

“Back in 1993 I started my career in travel marketing at a time when airlines paid 10% commission plus overrides – which travel agency owners felt was still too low of compensation. The “state of the art” in travel technology was still in companies like Sabre, Amadeus, PARS, Apollo (remember them?), etc. Prodigy, CompuServe and GEnie were dial-up services who were for the Dungeons & Dragons-playing set and AOL was smaller than those 3 trailblazing companies. By the end of the decade, in just 7 short years, the travel world was turned completely upside down.”

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