Here Comes The Open Web – Embrace It

By Jeffrey S. Hammond, John R. Rymer
The New Web Platform For Customer Engagement And Much More

DataArt has contributed to and is featured in two Forrester research reports on Open Web.

The Web is moving on to a new era of openness, mobility, and digital business. The open Web is a platform built on HTTP (the fundamental web protocol), a new generation of HTML, dynamic languages, and wide use of Internet services for everything from video encoding to social graphs to order management and payments. The open Web made its debut in consumer applications; for enterprises, it will power a new generation of customer engagement applications. The open Web will be particularly important to app Internet systems that bridge mobile devices, cloud services, and enterprise applications and data. This report will equip application development and delivery leaders with an understanding of the open Web and its potential value.

Alexei Miller, Executive Vice President of DataArt, is quoted as saying “If you go HTML5, you can bypass the app store and not pay the cut. This is a big factor, and that will only get stronger.”

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