Healthcare Technology and Big Data Collide

By Alexander Makeyenkov

Following the news of DataArt completing a project for Complex Medical Expert (CME), Medical Design Technology requested that Alexander Makeyenkov, SVP at DataArt, elaborates on the trends in medical technology, specifically the use of spectral dynamics technology.

“Spectral analysis is a great example of big data’s infiltration into the medical field. While big data is traditionally a term used in technology and finance, its proven framework has potential for breakthroughs in medicine. Here’s how it works: the patient’s organs are scanned, and data is automatically compared to the data in CME’s vast database. A set of markers helps to determine the disease and either its stage or the patient’s predisposition to it.

While the technology behind the scanning has potential to save many lives, without a database of records and diagnostics history—medicine’s play on big data—a diagnosis would not be possible. That’s where DataArt steps in. We helped to design and develop a Professional Assistant for CME that we called eri to enhance the big data functionality and streamline diagnosis for the healthcare community. Eri integrates diagnostic information with physicians’ computers to provide access to patient data, diagnostic history and statistical reports.”

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