What Guest Engagement and the Customer's Digital Journey Mean According to DataArt

Hotel Online posts DataArt’s latest findings on critical areas that operators and suppliers need to champion to ensure optimal guest engagement. These include: consistency of approach, frictionless interaction and providing tools to ensure guests enjoy their experiences before, during and after their hotel stay.

“It is essential for both supplier and hotel operator/management company/chain to spell out in detail the end-to-end guest experience and explore all pitfalls and opportunities from a system and data point of view.

Clarity of vision and ownership of your systems and what you provide your customers creates a pure identity of what it is you offer (thus helping you communicate your message).

Full engagement means that customers are emotionally attached and rationally loyal – they go out of their way to obtain their preferred product or service. Offering tightly integrated and fully interfaced solutions means guests can engage with a hotel at any point and can rely on consistent interaction, thereby maintaining their emotional involvement.

It's commonly believed that first-to-market is a measure of success. While that is important, DataArt believes a greater measure of success is first-to-adoption: that is, optimal active take-up by users of any new solution or product.”

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