Ground control to Major TomTom: EU roaming’s free, so you really don’t make the grade

By Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director, DataArt UK

Following a recent ban on data roaming charges by the European Parliament, Dmitry Bagrov shares his observations of the effects on consumers as well as various service providers with Vanilla +. As navigation and other location based and voice control services that rely on data connection, become free, bringing victory to consumers and providers of these free mobile services, some will have to pay the price.

“Generally, my guess is we've all had one big shocker bill at some point. And thereafter have sworn off our mobile phones while abroad in Europe.  They become, when we are travelling in Europe, objects not of usefulness but of fear and loathing.

This change of heart could be called disruptive legislation... By and large the data roaming deal is a victory for the consumer. It means that many more apps will be freely available throughout Europe, and with the competition of services set to increase – expect prices to tumble. The future looks bright... But it will also mean goodbye to some faithful friends who have stood by us in the lean, dark times of what future generations will call the Data Roaming Charges Era circa 2007 – 2016.”

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