Google and Apple Go to the Mattresses.

By Dmitry Bagrov

Continuing his series of articles on technology for HuffPost Tech UK, Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director of DataArt UK, discusses the new era of competition between Apple and Google ecosystems.

“By announcing its move into hardware with its own phones, its own wifi, its own VR/AR products and Google Home, all combined and controlled as one system with Google Assistant, the world’s second largest company by market cap is making its ambition very clear.

Up until now new innovation has focused on making things smart, from your phone to your TV and now even your boiler. However, with Google and Apple’s most recent moves the tech world is replacing smart with everyday. Technology will very soon be catering to all our stupid tasks, within one simple ecosystem all controlled by you talking to technology.

The impact of this shift cannot be overestimated. Right now, it is relatively easy to use an Android Samsung phone (explosions notwithstanding), an Apple computer and use both to control a plethora of smart devices and appliances. However, with its new focus on hardware Google has called time on this fragmented approach. Their new ecosystem, much like Apple’s, will encompass every device you need or want and fulfill every task you have... Consumers will have to choose, do they want to be in Google’s ecosystem or Apple’s.”

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