Globalization & The IT Organization

Can A Global Workforce Work For Your Company?, a leading trade publication on computer products and marketplace news, addresses the issue of managing a distributed workforce in global sourcing, extensively quoting Alexei Miller, DataArt Executive Vice President.

According to research VP for Gartner, “a truly global economy… creates heightened competition both in terms of business efficiency and the hunt for the best talent.” DataArt is showcased as a company that has successfully adapted to the challenge on behalf of its clients. “We have adopted the agile methodology for all our projects because we believe that it lends itself well to distributed teams. It also provides the customer an opportunity to redirect a project before it gets too far off track,” says DataArt Executive Vice President Alexei Miller.

“We believe there’s no project or effort too small for us to undertake. Our goal is to work with a customer to gain their trust and to show how we can provide the best value for their investment. We spend a lot of effort up front in an attempt to understand their business and specific project to the fullest extent possible. From there we hope that our results speak for themselves,” says Miller.

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