Getting the Measure of Digital Transformation

Tnooz covers the sixth annual DataArt Question Time Event that brought together the leading experts from the travel technology industry to discuss digital transformation. Alex Shchedrin, Vice President of the Travel and Hospitality Practice at DataArt, spoke about company culture and product innovation.

“[Alex Shchedrin] said that one of the most effective ways to reinforce the benefits of digital transformation is to talk up internally ‘the early wins’, to give employees a concrete example of how new initiatives are benefiting the business, so that everyone from the boardroom to the shopfloor ‘understands the sense of urgency’ when it comes to change.

However, a caveat to this, not unrelated to the comments around risk, was his suggestion that it is good ‘to allow the changes to settle,’ essentially giving the early wins time to become ingrained into the corporate mindset before the next project, because if the next project fails, then it’s back to square one.”

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