Gadgets for Spies, Flights and Dating Isles

By Yekaterina Dranitsyna

"When you book flight tickets, does the question of who will sit next to you on the plane make you anxious?" asks St. Petersburg English language daily.

Brushing through the latest inventions and gadgets aiming at enhancing communications, the paper reviews "the latest" creation by "DataArt, a Russian-American software outsourcing company focuses on human relations up close". The web-based service is "an in-flight registration and networking platform that" allows passengers to "find the perfect seatmate by matching up like-minded flyers". "The solution promises to sort passengers looking for business contacts, for a date or just for a quiet, fuss-free seatmate in harmonious pairs. People about to fly can enter their personal profile at the web site, and the service will then match them up with another traveler who has similarly left their data online".

In the release announcing the site, Peter Shankman, the author of the idea stated: "AirTroductions was built by the award winning development team at DataArt, who came in under budget and under deadline. Utilizing them made the tech aspect of the site very easy and painless."

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