From Self-Serving to Self-Improvement: How Digital Technologies are Making us Better Citizens

By Sue Tabbitt

Cisco's technology news site, The Network, runs a story on the use of mobile apps to promote positive citizen behavior and personal growth, as they inspire instant feedback and social support while offering the chance to earn rewards, featuring two winning apps by DataArt.

"In Germany, global technology consultancy DataArt has introduced software to influence positive behavior, in its case using wearable devices.  One of its developments recently won a Hackathon for being the first fitness app to enable people to earn rewards by running. 

Designed for use on smartwatches and smartphones, Puls'ation tracks calories burnt during exercise and converts this number directly into voucher points or discounts. The app, developed at 'Burda Hackday: Future of Finance' in Munich, Germany in June, won the special prize at the event.

Steve Pscheid, vice-president of DataArt Germany, puts the apps' appeal down to the extra motivation and tangible reward it offers to users on top of the intrinsic value of exercise. It's an indication of how wearables could influence people's lifestyles.

DataArt previously won an award another Hack event, for 'Doo'nation', an app that tracks what happens to the money when people donate to charity. The company is now looking at how it might combine the two apps, so that getting fit earns direct donations to charity."

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