Form PF Forces the Data Management Issue

by Rebecca Baldridge

Financial Technology Forum discusses the benefits of form PF in financial data management and reporting, and addresses the need for IT investments required to keep up with the new reporting requirements. The article mentions DataArt as a vendor providing hedge funds with a free reliable form PF filing solution.

“With the extensive range of data sources and a history of maintaining data in disparate locations, many advisers, particularly those who don’t want to invest heavily in IT infrastructure, are moving toward cloud computing for storage. Off-site data storage can have many benefits, including greater security and more robust disaster recovery capabilities. For in-house storage, a number of firms in the industry have already turned to vendors for data warehouse solutions. However, advisers are increasingly realizing that they need capabilities to meet downstream functional needs as well.

Consequently, many vendors – among them Advent Software, Advise Technologies and DataArt — offer Form PF services that function as overlays to their own warehousing or proprietary data management solutions."

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