Flexibility crucial in attracting millennials

By Jane Bird

In a special report on millennials, the Financial Times speaks with one of DataArt's project managers in London and discovers that the company is a visionary employer attracting the best young talent thanks to its flexible schedules and challenging projects, much valued by young professionals.

“Five years ago, when Denis Baranov was studying computer science at university in Moscow, he began working part-time for DataArt, a US-based technology consulting company. After graduating, he continued working remotely for the company for two years while travelling. He is now a full-time employee in DataArt’s London office, and is able to persuade his employer to send him to conferences that also help with his PhD studies. This freedom and flexibility is a big attraction of the job, he says. “I also value being able to collaborate with colleagues based in locations such as New York and Argentina,” says Mr Baranov. “And I like being able to learn something new every day. For example, I am currently adapting our mobile technology for wearable devices.”‚Äč

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