Five lessons startups can learn from the pivot of a major online travel brand

Analysis by David Tossell, vice president of travel and hospitality for DataArt

David Tossell looks at a transformation of Travelocity‘s business model into that of an affiliate of Expedia and offers the lessons that could benefit startups in the travel technology space.

"Early and mid-stage startups could benefit by paying attention not only to the strategic course charted by the new Travelocity, but to the precursory elements that were influencers in Travelocity’s pivot.

  1. Develop an Audience
  2. Have more than one revenue model
  3. Don’t be unfocused
  4. Run a tight ship
  5. Don’t be afraid to outsource

...While Travelocity’s alliance with Expedia is an extreme example that only a handful of startups could take advantage of, it underscores the importance of how outsourcing could be a path along which your startup may find success."

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