First came face recognition, now there's food recognition-for calorie counting

FierceBigData picks up the announce of DataArt ORANGE, and enthusiastically endorses the company’s R&D initiatives in technologies that support a healthy life style.

“.. what we really want to do is count calories without actually counting them or typing a bunch of questionable numbers in an app. Now we can with DataArt ORANGE. Ok. So it's a prototype but it's still cool. Here's how it works…

"DataArt ORANGE utilizes various technologies, from visual food recognition and geo-positioning to semantic web, to log information from users, such as the times of the day that food is consumed, geographic location and number of calories in food, a process previously possible only with manual entries into an application," reads the statement to the press. "This program combines information from various technologies with advanced computer vision and image processing algorithms to seamlessly and holistically track nutrition. It is currently a prototype, which, when complete, will be offered for integration with existing nutrition tracking solutions, eliminating manual input of data."

"The future of healthcare is not in the technology that allows doctors and surgeons to work more efficiently, but rather in the technologies that allow to constantly monitor our vital signs, detect trends and deviations, match collected data with historical records of millions of other people to warn us about potential problems before they present a serious threat," said Eugene Goland, President of DataArt and mastermind of ORANGE.”

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