Fintech and the Fear of Froth

Contemplating the future of financial technology in Institutional Investor, Jeffrey Kulter asks the industry leaders to reconstruct the definition of fintech, "since everyone wants a piece of it" but "the concept is vague and undifferentiated." Alexei Miller of DataArt offers his insight.

"Alexei Miller, a managing partner at technology development and consulting firm DataArt, deconstructs fintech three ways: general advancements like high-performance computing and mobility that make an impact on finance; entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley and elsewhere who set out to disrupt specific aspects of the business; and innovation led by established players. He says the last category is often overlooked but is yielding benefits increasingly through collaboration, as in Depository Trust & Clearing Corp.’s customer-data-aggregation affiliate, Clarient, and Goldman Sachs Group’s trading technology spin-off, REDI Holdings"

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