Facebook’s Chatbots: Does ‘Your New Best Friend’ Make Humans Redundant?

By Dmitry Bagrov

ITProPortal runs an article by Dmitry Bagrov, Managing Director at DataArt UK, where he claims that while Facebook’s recently launched chatbots may redefine how customers interact with businesses they’re far from making humans obsolete.

“Chatbot technology is not new. But while applications like Telegram messenger have been using chatbots for some time, Facebook’s size will take this technology mainstream. For many of Facebook messenger’s 900 million users, this year will be the first time they have interacted, on a regular basis, with chatbots.

As artificial intelligence, application programme interfaces, and machine learning advance, Chatbots will be able to answer increasingly complex requests. This will make more types of customer and business interaction simpler and more efficient. The cost to companies goes down, time is saved, and customers have a better experience. Yes, some customer service jobs will go. However, it will hopefully mean that those that remain will be dedicated to, and able to spend more time on, the more difficult cases that require a human.”

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