Embracing The Open Web: Web Technologies You Need To Engage Your Customers, And Much More

By Jeffrey S. Hammond, John R. Rymer

DataArt has contributed to a Forrester research report on Open Web.

The open Web is a culture, a community — and a set of preferred technologies for Internet applications. While HTML5 is the best known of these technologies, the open Web also includes JavaScript (client and server), CSS3, Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interfaces (APIs), and mobile frameworks such as jQuery Mobile. Together, these technologies comprise a new application platform for the Internet that will gradually replace today's web platforms (HTML4, Adobe Flash, Microsoft Silverlight, Simple Object Access Protocol [SOAP] web services, Java EE, and .NET) for most applications. This research outlines the open Web platform's key components, their readiness, and how the platform is evolving.

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