Dmitry Stillermann: Dos and Don'ts for Building Enterprise Apps

By Dmitry Stillermann

In his by-lined article for TabTimes, Dmitry Stillermann, Vice President of Capital Markets at DataArt, discusses dos and don'ts for developing tablet enterprise applications, outlining business considerations, platform advantages, security issues and implementation costs.

"When does it make sense to switch to a tablet in a business scenario? And how much should you spend?

For internal business processes, tablet applications provide the most value for the staff involved in many external meetings... I can make a firm statement: tablet development does not have to be costly, provided that you know what you’re doing.

Vendors, not being heavily constrained by any legacy compatibility considerations, have used all the best ideas that the software industry has come up with during the last decade. Development tools are unbelievably efficient and application programming interfaces (APIs) are well designed and documented. ... Publishing, deploying and managing apps are less of a hassle than some will lead you to believe."

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