Diversify, Become Easy to Navigate and Streamline Services in 2016 or Prepare to Wave Bye-Bye to Customers

By Charlotte Lamp Davis

Charlotte Lamp Davis, Vice President of Travel & Hospitality at DataArt Europe, shares her insight into 2016 travel industry trends in Travel Bulletin, citing successful company transformations and specifying the strategies that will help OTAs to stay competitive: diversifying services, making the platform easy to navigate and streamlining customer services.

“Because of the enhanced technology now available, mobile will move faster than ever before. IoT allows several devices to correspond with one another and in time the novel ‘toys’ that it enables, such as Smart watches etc., will come to be the technologies we rely on everyday. But more importantly it will be a key player in hospitality, as it will be used for making easy reservations, quick check-ins and much more… Identifying the importance of catering to as many of the travelers’ needs and desires is key to success these days. Offering one platform is a must, making it an easy journey from start to finish. 2016 will see the arrival of more diverse yet streamlined customer services.”

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