Digital Transformation Insights: DataArt's Dmitry Bagrov Calls Digital Transformation a Myth

In an exclusive interview with Information Age, Dmitry Bagrov, Director at DataArt UK, dismantles the fashionable term “digital transformation,” and encourages companies to focus on business goals and the necessary change, as opposed to technology.

“Digital transformation means nothing, is the short answer. Digital transformation is a myth; it doesn’t exist. All it means is that the environment has changed and there are new tools that companies need to learn how to use."

"Digital transformation is a fashion, like blue paint could be. And if companies put all their hope and resources into blue paint or digital transformation, they will fail. Unlike the era, however, which was one bubble, digital transformation is a lot of bubbles."

"How would you renovate your house? Nowadays, you would be including some “smart” features. There would likely be a digital angle, but you wouldn’t say “I’m doing a digital renovation of my house” because people would laugh at the pomposity. But if you say, “I’m doing digital transformation of my business”, no one would laugh, although perhaps they should!"

"The best leader for a so-called digital transformation project is someone who has less understanding of technology than they do of business. They should understand the end goal, the benefits for the business, but heavens forfend they understand the nuts and bolts of the technology! Because if they do, they’ll produce things for the sake of it. When digital transformation projects are given to engineers, they start doing things just because they think it’s cool.”

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