DeviceHive to be Made Available Soon

By Raju Shanbhag

TMCnet writes about the rapid developments of machine to machine (M2M) technology and the role DevieHive plays in making connected devices part of the IoT.

“Machine to machine (M2M) technology has been rapidly developing in the last few years. As such, the communication layer, control software and multi-platform libraries required to develop these technologies are all in great demand. As M2M technology is used in various domains such as smart energy, home automation, remote sensing, telemetry, and remote control and monitoring software, the availability of a reliable platform to develop this technology becomes imperative.

Trying to take this technology further to people, DataArt, a custom software development firm, has announced that Artyom Astafurov, co-inventor of DeviceHive, will present the platform for use by hackers at an upcoming event.

As part of this presentation, Astafurov will showcase DeviceHive, which has the ability to make any connected device part of the Internet of Things (IoT). DeviceHive enables the users to enjoy various features like connectivity, management, security, and diagnostics which were not available before.”

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